We believe 3D printing is changing and will continue to change the world.  It allows innovators to create new products, solutions and bring ideas to life at a lower cost and shorter time frame than even imaginable just  a handful of years ago.  Rapid prototyping has been around for decades but until recently, the technology has only been accessible to large corporations or similar groups with significant budgets for product development.  The recent open-source movement and cost reduction of new technology, 3D printing is becoming accessible to all.

We think this accessibility is great because as more people get access to this equipment, innovation will accelerate, and that’s when truly great things happen.  Some of the greatest inventions of all time have occurred in garages, basements, and the small workshops of brilliant tinkerers.  3D printing helps make that all the more possible!!

Our mission is to improve the 3D printing technology to provide even more capability to innovators across the world.  Our solutions are designed to provide more feature rich functionality for prototyping and small scale production.

We continue to get many questions about 3D printing how it works.  The term 3D printing is a bit of a misnomer and it can be difficult to really grasp the concept of 3D printing without having seen it.  This PBS video really does a great job at clearing up the 3D printing confusion.