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Spicer 3D printing start-up gains global backers; offers local demonstration on Thursday, March 20

Willmar, Minnesota – March 10, 2014 – Dglass3D (D3D), a local start-up company based out of Spicer, Minnesota, is three weeks into a Kickstarter campaign which is helping to launch their innovative line of 3D printing extruders. The extruders are custom designed to provide hobby and consumer 3D printing enthusiasts with rugged reliability­– which translates into hours of trouble-free printing. D3D’s “RUGGED” extruder line features an HPX2 MAX dual extruder with an ultra slim design, allowing it to be installed in the same space as a single extruder and double a printer’s color capacity. D3D’s Kickstarter was launched on Monday, February 17 and will end on Friday, March 21. So far, they’ve been backed by 86 people from 17 different countries and 21 states in the U.S. Their global reach has been made possible by Kickstarter’s unique online crowd funding platform and connection with social media. D3D owners and brothers, Carl and Brian Douglass, also want to connect with their local community. For that reason, they’ve added a new Kickstarter support level called “3D PRINTING DEMONSTRATION” that invites backers out to their 3D printing lab in Spicer for an overview of the 3D printing industry and a demonstration of their RUGGED HPX2 MAX dual extruder and other technology. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about 3D printing and the ideas behind their innovation. The D3D Kickstarter 3D PRINTING DEMONSTRATION is scheduled for Thursday, March 20th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm and spots are limited due to space constraints. For more information, or to reserve your space, go to the D3D Kickstarter page and click on the 3D PRINTING DEMONSTRATION support level: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dglass3d/next-generation-3d-printer-extruders-the-rugged-hp You can also go to www.Kickstarter.com and search for “RUGGED HPX.” Please email directly with any questions:  briand@dglassinc.com or carld@dglassinc.com.

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Contact: Brian Douglass | 970.692.9198 briand@dglassinc.com  | www.dglass3d.com | www.facebook.com/dglass3d

D3D responds to supporters with a full line of 3D printer extruders and dramatic improvements to the Dual

Willmar, Minnesota – January 18, 2014 – Dglass3D (D3D) has spent the last three months making dramatic improvements to their innovative 3D printing extruder technology. The company, run by brothers Carl and Brian Douglass, wrapped up a Kickstarter campaign in September by falling short of their financial goal but gaining a legion of loyal followers in the process. Those supporters have since helped propel development efforts forward by providing encouragement, technical input, development tips and testing data. D3D is now formally responding to them by announcing the release of a reengineered product made possible, in part, by the collaborative nature of the Kickstarter community. D3D’s new extruder product line is referred to as version 2.0 and includes critical changes from the previous Kickstarter version. The result offers higher print resolution, greater reliability and unmatched durability compared to other modular style print heads. One of the key improvements consistent throughout the product line is a 2:1 gear reduction drivetrain accomplished with an all-metal gear and bearing transmission. The gear reduction provides greater torque and with diameter of the final drive, there is a significant improvement in steps per filament extruded. To accomplish the functionality of “The Dual 2.0” the new transmission is built on their patent pending “D3D Filament Shifter” technology that allows for two plastic extruders to be driven by a single motor. The Filament Shifter is a uniquely simple yet effective design controlled solely by reversing the drive motor, which automatically selects the other filament extruder. exploded view callouts D3D’s second improvement addresses filament retraction. A custom designed servo-driven latch system has been added to prevent the Filament Shifter from selecting the new extruder until full retraction is complete. It’s a small detail that makes a huge difference in high resolution print quality. These changes come after hundreds of hours of research, design revisions, customer testing and sample print runs – all done since D3D’s September Kickstarter. The team’s goal has been to further refine the part to ensure smooth, reliable operation for extrusion and retraction. Brian Douglass explains, “The feedback from our supporters has been key in leading us to some of these changes. With their encouragement and input, we have stayed focused and completed development with a final solution that is not only better than the first version, but exceeds all of my original expectations for this product.” Since the Kickstarter campaign, the company has experienced significant interest in the D3D extruder heads and is now planning a second Kickstarter in February. Carl Douglass, explains, “As we plan for our second go around, we will once again lean on our supporters for input, but feel very prepared to take our finished extruders to Kickstarter. We’re done with development, the print demonstration video has been released and we are ready to take preorders. Our hope is that the order volume and funding we get from Kickstarter will help us buy parts in volume so we can keep the unit prices competitive and get as many extruders into people’s hands as possible. This is such a creative, innovative community, and we are excited to see how our technology will be used to push the boundaries!” The Douglass brothers are inviting supporters and 3D printing enthusiasts to preview all of the product details on their revamped website. The final design features are fully explained there and each product option is pictured and outlined. There is also a video of The Dual 2.0 creating a 2-color print. Carl adds, “We look forward to reconnecting with our past Kickstarter supporters along with new supporters in our February ’14 campaign. We’ve learned so much in the past year and could not reached this final extruder design without them.” Connect with D3D on their newly updated website [www.Dglass3D.com] or social media sites or email them directly at briand@dglassinc.com or carld@dglassinc.com. www.Dglass3d.com | www.DglassInc.com | www.facebook.com/Dglass3D | www.twitter.com/Dglass3Dinc ###


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D3D Wraps up Kickstarter Project With a Final Push and Word of Thanks

Kickstarter Project Page: “The 3D Extruder Reinvented: The Dual & Quad” Latest Video Update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dglass3d/the-3d-printing-extruder-reinvented-the-dual-and-q/posts/597462VideoUpdate Willmar, Minnesota – September 13, 2013 – Entrepreneurs Carl and Brian Douglass are about to wrap up the first leg of what has proven to be a challenging, yet exciting journey. In early 2013, the brothers made a bold decision to start a business together called D3D with a goal to reinvent the way 3D printing extruders are designed. Today marks the end of D3D’s 35-day Kickstarter project, which they hoped would help fund final development costs for their innovative 3D printing product. Kickstarter is a popular online crowdfunding tool used to connect creative entrepreneurs, artists and inventors with individuals who can offer financial support and input. The D3D “Dual & Quad” Kickstarter project is at 42% of its $25,000 goal with less than 24 hours to go. They hope to gain some last minute support after posting a final video update on Thursday night, September 12. While their project will clearly move forward regardless of today’s outcome, both brothers admit that utilizing Kickstarter in their development process has been a true learning experience. The platform provides many opportunities, but also requires a short, intense timeline for development and communication with backers, leaving little room for delays. Yet In their latest video update, Brian details the vast amount of technical problems they have been troubleshooting, many of which were unforeseen and unrelated to their design. Those problems included control board issues, temperature sensor failures, hot end clogs, heat transfer issues, and servo modifications. But at this point, Brian says, “We’re pretty comfortable with what we have.” Towards the end of the video update, Carl adds, “We realize we are at less than half of our funding goal, which means we probably won’t make it ­– but we are comfortable with that. That doesn’t mean we are going to stop this project. In fact, we are full steam ahead! We’re 90% there and fully vested in seeing this project through!”

…we are full steam ahead! We’re 90% there and fully vested in seeing this project through!” – Carl Douglass

The overall message was heartfelt and positive as the two expressed many thanks to their backers and supporters. Carl added, “I think this (Kickstarter) has been a success! Did it go the way we thought it would? Absolutely not. But it has been a success in so many other ways. We’ve learned so much and have gotten a lot of positive support. The amount of feedback has been tremendous, and today we have a better product because of it.” The Douglass brothers plan to finish development of their D3D Dual & Quad Extruders with or without Kickstarter funding. Once Kickstarter is over, supporters and interested 3D printing enthusiasts are encouraged to follow their progress on the www.Dlgass3D.com website or watch their Facebook page for regular updates. Carl and Brian are local entrepreneurs from Willmar, Minnesota, with plans to continue growing their new business with other 3D printing-related products. They are already developing new polymers for use as 3D printer filament feedstock and have started plans for a completely redesigned 3D printer that’s tailored to the needs of home and small business customers. Carl Douglass is a registered professional engineer with over ten years of experience in the plastics industry. Brian Douglass has extensive experience in both mechanical system diagnostics and metal fabrication, and recently relocated to Minnesota from Colorado. www.Dglass3d.com | www.DglassInc.com | www.facebook.com/Dglass3D | www.twitter.com/Dglass3Dinc ###


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Groundbreaking 3D Extruder Head Upgrade for Makers, Innovators & 3D Printing Enthusiasts

“The 3D Extruder Reinvented: The Dual & Quad”  Willmar, Minnesota – August 9, 2013 – Dglass 3D, a start-up company from Willmar, Minnesota has turned to popular crowdfunding & social networking website, Kickstarter, to launch their ground breaking new product for the consumer 3D printing market. Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs and innovators to connect with their supporters in a way that encourages collaboration, connection and grass roots style fundraising. kickstarter-logo-simple1Dglass3D, called D3D for short, has developed a product designed especially for makers, innovators and 3D technology enthusiasts who are looking to add a whole new level of productivity and creative potential to their 3D printers. D3D’s new printer extruder heads, referred to as THE DUAL & THE QUAD until they are formally named through the Kickstarter campaign, are completely reinvented versions of the industry’s traditional extruders. They allow printers to use more types of materials, maintain larger build spaces and print with more colors. The D3D extruder heads are easy to install and universally compatible with most consumer 3D printers on the market today. D3D’s Kickstarter project went live on Friday, August 9, with a goal to raise $25,000. That money will cover expenses related to their research and development process, along with ensure that a minimum number of D3D extruders make it into the hands of their most valued customers: 3D printing users who are considered “makers” and innovators in the industry. The feedback from these customers is expected to be a valuable source of guidance and inspiration to D3D as they make further product improvements and brainstorm about new projects. If D3D exceeds their goal, they will use the additional resources to keep evolving their technology and begin applying their creative development strategy to a complete, next-generation 3D consumer printer. Brian Douglass, Dglass3D developer, explains, “By launching on Kickstarter, we hope to not only get support from family and friends, but connect with 3D printer users like us who are interested in providing more than just financial funding. We need their input and ideas about how to keep pushing the envelope and moving the industry forward so we can all benefit.” All D3D Kickstarter supporters will earn the chance to vote on a final design for THE DUAL & QUAD. They can also choose their level of support with benefits such as t-shirts, prototypes, and fully functional, plug-and-play products. The highest level of support even provides for an in-person brainstorming session with the D3D development team. The innovators behind D3D are Carl and Brian Douglass, brothers who have joined forces to capitalize on their unique range of experience and their shared interest in the 3D printing industry. Carl is a registered professional engineer with over ten years of experience in the plastics industry. His extensive background with new product development, rapid prototyping and materials testing naturally drew him to the 3D printing. Brian has over eight years of building, diagnosing and fabricating electro-mechanical systems for a variety of industries. Connect with D3D on their Kickstarter project page, website or social media sites to lend your support or get more information!

WEBSITE: www.Dglass3d.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Dglass3D TWITTER: www.twitter.com/Dglass3Dinc YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/Dglass3D



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Local Start-Up Company to Launch 3D Printing Technology on Kickstarter

KICKSTARTER PROJECT: “3D Extruder Reinvented: The Dual & Quad” KICKSTARTER LAUNCH DATE: Friday | 8.2.13

3D print head

D3D’s dual print head mounted on test printer

Willmar, Minnesota – July 26, 2013 – Two local entrepreneurs from Willmar, Minnesota have joined forces to form a start-up company called Douglass Innovations (DI), an engineering and technology firm geared to offering innovation across a variety of industries. DI’s first endeavor targets the rapidly expanding 3D printing market with a spin-off organization called Dglass 3D, or D3D for short. D3D was formed to launch a groundbreaking product that can replace factory built print heads currently installed in most 3D printers with a much more innovative and capable model. Research and development for the project is almost complete and the team is currently preparing to launch their idea on Kickstarter, an online website where entrepreneurs can connect with supporters for input and financial backing. The D3D Kickstarter site is scheduled to go live on Friday, August 2, 2013. The owners and innovators behind these ventures are brothers Carl and Brian Douglass. Carl is currently the Director of Engineering at Prinsco, a Willmar based company with offices on the MinnWest Technology Campus, and Brain is currently heading up daily operations and product development for DI.


D3D url coming soon!

Carl Douglass explains their new product, “Our Dglass3D extruder head solves current 3D print head limitations with a completely unique design. It increases the amount of extruders available to a printer without decreasing the available build space, a common limitation of most multiple extruder heads. Our design accommodates two extruders in the same space as one traditional extruder. Simply put, our print head will double the creative possibilities and build potential for almost every 3D printer on the market today. Its brilliantly simple design makes it easy to install and universally compatible.” Brian Douglass adds, “At D3D, we want to continue the type of grassroots innovation that has made this industry so great, so exciting and so collaborative. Together, with the input and support of other small 3D printing users and innovators, we hope to keep pushing the technology forward.”

3D print head mounting bracket fabrication

D3D’s first mounting bracket fabrication

In addition to their extruder head technology, Brian and Carl are also developing new polymers for use as 3D printer filament feedstock. So far, they have had great success with several custom formulations of HDPE, Polypropylene and elastomers. Carl is a registered professional engineer with over ten years of experience in the plastics industry. His extensive background with new product development, rapid prototyping and materials testing naturally drew him to the 3D printing industry. What interested Brian was the opportunity to apply his vast experience in both mechanical system diagnostics and metal fabrication to a completely new technology. In fact, he is so committed to the partnership that he recently relocated to Minnesota from Colorado. Together, the Douglass brothers bring a diverse combination of skills and expertise to their business ventures, along with a shared set of values around hard work, problem solving and innovation. You are invited to watch their progress, provide feedback and offer support via their websites and social media platforms. They are publishing updates and progress reports on a regular basis. Watch for more information about the D3D Kickstarter project launch, coming soon! www.Dglass3d.com | www.DglassInc.com | www.facebook.com/Dglass3D  | www.twitter.com/Dglass3Dinc ###