This HPX2 Max is a single motor dual filament extruder featuring an all metal & precision bearing gearbox providing a 2:1 gear reduction.  The filament is driven by  D3D designed custom hobbed wheels with active spring tension The extruder is configured for either 1.75mm or 3mm filament.


  • Weight:  275g
  • Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 57mm x 47mm x 67mm
  • Gear Reduction: 2:1
  • Steps per mm*: 240
  • Stepper Motor: 1.8o Nema 17
  • Filament Drive: Hobbed Wheel
  • Retraction: Infinitely Adjustable
  • Hot-end Mount: Dual J-head style (Compatible with 4mm & 6mm styles)
*Steps per mm of extruded filament.  This is based on 1/8 microstepping.

We also offer the HPX2-MAX with a remote mount

Interactive 3D Model